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Aruba Cat 36

Aruba Cat 36" Post

**Aruba Cat 10

**Aruba Cat 10" Floor Unit

Aruba Cat 3 Tier Barrel 51"

Aruba Cat

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Satisfy your feline's instinct to claw, climb and retreat with their own private cat house, cat tree or scratching post.
Just as we enjoy the privacy of our home and warmth of our own bed, cats need the safety and solitude of their own peaceful lair. Cat houses provide a private sanctuary for your kitty to seek refuge, giving them a sense of comfort and improving their overall attitude. Cat trees and scratching posts satisfy your feline's need to hunt and climb, allowing them to maintain an active yet stress-free lifestyle. Along with satisfying their natural inclination to scratch, cat trees and scratching posts help to keep frisky felines from clawing up your furniture, drapes and rugs.

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